"We may not change the world by helping a stray, but the world will at least change for those we help. And we deeply believe in the intrinsic value of any sentient being- be it humans or animals."


- or in short; FELÍNI CRAFTS - is an "Art for Change" project based on creativity and heartbeats. FELÌNI CRAFTS offers High-Quality handmade crafts and art benefitting Animal Welfare. For the time being a minimum of 30% of the profits go to our Stray Cat Project on Crete. In Felíni Crafts Art Shop you will find jewelry, acrylic paintings, photography, and music by professional artists. We put our pride in quality. Every part of the handcrafted jewelry - from beads, gemstones, findings, strings, and metals is carefully and selectively chosen. I also strive for sustainable, eco and animal-friendly materials. Photographs are acid-free art prints, signed and numbered editions. Acrylic Paintings on acid-free deep-edge canvas. Music Records comes signed.

Felíni Crafts is run by me, Gøril T. Booth, but I'm also very lucky to have a creative family that participates by donating art and music to the Art shop as well as a few fantastic friends helping out with the animal welfare project.
I'm personally behind the jewelry and the photography. My husband Bill Booth is the recording artist of Americana Music. He has been nominated twice for Spellemannpris (the Norwegian Grammy reward). My mother Anne Marie Trondsen is the painter - a well-known and appreciated Bodøpainter for years. My 14-year-old son Nicolai is my good helper with a great eye for colors and design - as well as a big heart for the cause. We all live in Norway, with a second home in Crete.

Felíni Stray Cat Project is a small private project, and Norwegian registered Charity promoting health care for stray and feral cats in our neighborhood in a Cretan village. The Project had its early beginning in 2016, took a more considered form in 2018, and in 2020 it also kicked off our income-generating 'Art for Change' project; “Felíni Art, Heart, and Handcraft”. This idea was born out of a direct personal need for extra income to be able to continue this humble contribution of increasing animal welfare among homeless cats in our neighborhood through necessary vet visits for ill animals, parasite treatments, and not least; sterilization. This we find very important.

You can read more about it here: THE FELÍNI STRAY CAT PROJECT or visit and follow our FB pages to stay tuned to our regular updates:

As a very small project based on volunteer work and some donations, we can't do miracles, but we can definitely do some. We might not change the world, but the world will at least change for those we help. We deeply believe in animals' rights and the intrinsic value of any sentient being- be it humans or animals. We also believe that increased awareness of animals' individual value creates more empathy in society and that this again will benefit both animals and humans. Additionally, we believe that clean, healthy, and happy cats contribute to a cleaner and safer environment for people and therefore a better neighborhood.

MY PERSONAL STORY - if interesting ...🤔😊
I was born in 1968, a photographer, illustrator, and writer. Three years of education in the Arts of Photography, a Bachelor's degree in Gender Studies, and a Master's degree in Gender and Religious studies. I have spent quite some time traveling in African countries, especially Eastern, Southern, and Central Africa as well as South/South East Asia. I've been working with and for humanitarian organizations and art forums for more than 20 years. My work has been published as articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as books and in a few exhibitions. But as for all of us, life happens in unexpected ways. My travel days and way of working came to a halt - at least for a time. But again, when one door closes others open. Always crossroads and new paths to explore. And whatever happens, you don't have to give up on your core values.

Social justice and equality have always been my mantra and striving through life and work. I have a burning belief that all individuals - humans and animals - have a right to live free, happy, and healthy lives. Free from suffering and discrimination in all forms.

I am also a strong believer in KINDNESS - yes seriously - don't necessarily confuse the term with politeness or even niceness (even though that's nice too;) - and that we need to promote kindness as a STRENGHT - not a weakness, not a naivety - as there is a tendency for today. Kindness as a term is defined as the quality of being generous, considerate, concerned, caring, and emphatic. I don't say or even think that I'm so kind or any kinder than an average person, but kindness is a virtue I hold in high regard. Abraham Joshua Heschel, Rabbi, and philosopher once said; "When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people." Yes, I admire kind people - it's a standard to strive for. If there is anything we need more of in this world in my opinion, it's kind people. In other words, I rather see that we try to raise our children to be kind concerning people that will create a kinder world than to toughen them up to prepare them for a hard world that in this way will turn increasingly tougher.

My love for art and crafts and my passion for the fight for justice and equality, including animal rights, and environmental protection, were of course what kicked the Felini project off. This project gives me a chance to feel I'm contributing. Personally, it feels selfishly good to know that every piece of jewelry or art I make, has the potential to feed or care for a stray animal in need.

Last - but not least - I am a wife and a Mom (one son and three cats - well maybe quite a few more of the last... depends on how you look at it;). I love a quiet and simple life, my yoga time, and our two humble homes - one up in the Norwegian Woods the other one in a small Greek village of Southern Crete.

Thanks for visiting Felíni Crafts - and since you are still here - thanks for reading! 🙏❤️Hope you like the site, and our art and I hope you will visit us on

Kind regards, Gøril.

A minimum of 30% of the profits will contribute to increased animal welfare for stray animals on the Greek Island of Crete.