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Felíni Stray Cat Project is a small private project, and Norwegian registered Charity promoting health care for stray and feral cats in our neighborhood in a Cretan village - our second home.

We are not a shelter, but we do provide care and vet visits to injured and sick cats in our neighborhood, and we also promote sterilization to avoid many kittens being born homeless to hash lives.

Everything is based on voluntary work, basically self-financed, but luckily a few donations. We do it because we believe in the value of every individual being. Healthy and happy strays are our goal. This also gives a better and safer environment for people.

A bit about us "two footings". My family; my husband, son, and I + three greek stray ex-pats 🐈‍⬛🐈🐈, live in Norway and have had our house in Crete since 2005, where we spend a lot of time. I am there personally more often and regularly throughout the whole year to take care of this project. Winter and springtime - the cold months, are particularly important times to maintain the well-being of our furry friends. When we all are in Norway we have a second local caretaker, a fantastic woman, and an animal lover🙏

The Stray Cat Project had its early beginning in 2016, took a more considered form in 2018, and in 2020 it also kicked off our income-generating 'Art for Change' project; “Felíni Art, Heart, and Handcraft”. This idea was born out of a direct personal need for extra income to be able to continue this humble contribution of increasing animal welfare among homeless cats in our neighborhood through necessary vet visits for ill animals, parasite treatments, and not least; sterilization. This we find very important.

To say; the beautiful Greek Islands, are known for their friendly cats and dogs in plenty that charms tourists in the summer months - unfortunately, there is a backside to it. When the tourist season is over, many stray animals are left to search the garbage cans to survive the cold and rainy winter months. Illness, hunger, wounds, and injuries are facing many of them. The lack of spaying causes an uncounted amount of stray and feral kittens to be born to undoubtedly hard lives.

Stray and feral cats are more exposed to the environment and prone to injuries. When a homeless animal gets sick or injured their life depends on a stranger's or if lucky, a friend's mercy and willingness to both catch them (they are mostly wild), bring them to the vet, facilitate the recovery, and take the economic burden and pay for it. This is what we try to do.

As a very small project, we can't do miracles, but we can definitely do some. Like; we might not change the world, but the world will at least change for those we help. Again, we are not a shelter, we can’t give them a home, except for a few individuals who snuck in the back door🤔😻😄, but we are promoting healthcare to give these cats a better life.

We deeply believe in animals' rights and the intrinsic value of any sentient being - be it humans or animals. We also believe that increased awareness of animals' individual value creates more empathy in society and that this again will benefit both animals and humans. Additionally, we believe that clean, healthy, and happy cats contribute to a cleaner and safer environment for people and therefor also a better neighborhood.

At the moment we are providing care through deworming, preventive flea treatment, sterilization, and medical treatment for infections in cooperation with our local veterinarian, serious tooth problems, wounds, broken or twisted legs after climbing the rooftops, and other conditions.

We have to admit, unfortunately, that we are a bit over our heads and in need of economical support. This is why we now reach out to make a private page/blog to show what we do. We hope that many will find this project worth supporting by following, liking, sharing, any size donations, sponsoring the project, or a special cat, and please send us some good vibes and good wishes!😊 And again - there is also possible to support us through our shop - where you can buy our art - jewelry, paintings, photography, and music (we are all professionals) - where at the time ALL profits go directly to our Stray Cat Project.

Felíni Stray Cat Project is an approved Charity Organization registered in Norway with Charity no. 931 026 356

All donations (100%) go directly to benefit the semi-stray, stray and feral cats caretaken in Crete by Felíni Stray Cat Project. If you have a monthly donation arrangement you can of course cancel it at any time. Just send us an e-mail at

Thanks for reading and visiting!🙏❤️

Kind regards, Gøril

"We might not change the world by helping a stray, but the world will at least change for those we help. And we deeply believe in the intrinsic value of any sentient being- be it humans or animals."